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National Boat Covers is a proud distributor of Eevelle semi-custom boat cover products.  We offer Eevelle's WindStorm, WindStorm CoolTech with Aqualon Edge fabric, and WindStorm Elite semi-custom boat covers, Wake Universal Boat Covers, Offshore Mooring Covers, Wake Center Console Covers, Trident T-Top Covers, Wake Personal Watercraft Covers and Wake Motor Covers.

Our Semi-Custom Covers Include:


WindStorm Semi-Custom Boat Covers are the most durable fully-trailerable covers on the market.  These semi-custom covers are constructed of solution-dyed marine grade fabric and are available in 10 bold colors.  Exclusive MicroPore technology makes WindStorm the fastest drying cover on the market and promotes mildew resistance.  WindStorm covers offer exceptional trailering performance and can even improve gas mileage while trailering by reducing wind resistance.  All WindStorm covers are backed by a 7-year warranty and include a FREE storage bag and XT-strength strap set.


The Windstorm Elite series of covers delivers unparalleled performance with its genuine Sunbrella and Sunflair fabrics. Sunbrella is a breathable, mildew resistant fabric that provides years of protection with style. Sunbrella acrylic fiber fabrics are mold/mildew resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Sunflair has the same properties as high-performance fabrics at a more competitive price. 

Both fabrics are marine grade 9.25 oz. material made of 100% solution-dyed Acrylic / polyester yarns. The solution dyed process provides excellent fade and weather resistance.
Sunbrella boat covers are an investment in protection that will pay dividends for years to come.


The Silver Cloud series offers sleek and superior quality trailerable covers that are designed to have superior strength for long lasting life. These covers will not shrink or stretch and are constructed of water repellent, breathable material that gives you a much more durable, all-weather protective cover than ordinary cotton canvas. Rest assured that your investment will be protected from the harshest elements for years to come.

Our Universal Boat Covers Include:

WAKE Universal Boat Covers

Pontoon Universal Covers: Wake Monsoon

Monsoon Series Boat Covers by Wake offers superior quality universal fit boat covers.  These unique fully-trailerable boat covers feature an ultra-rugged 600D polyester canvas fabric.  Quality craftsmanship promotes a snug, stylish fit.  Exclusive Durapel fabric coating protects boats from water, UV rays, dirt, and dust.  Durable Monsoon Series fabric delivers breathability while repelling water and inhibiting mildew and harsh UV rays.  This fabric is designed to be stronger than all other universal covers on the market and is guaranteed to not shrink or stretch.  Monsoon Series Boat Covers by Wake will outlast any other boat cover on the market, making Monsoon #1 in universal protection.

Center Console Covers: Wake Con1

Con 1 by Wake delivers all-purpose, easy slip-on console covers that will protect the center console, electronic equipment, and controls from water, UV rays, dirt, and dust.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Covers: Wake W1, Wake W1DX

W1 and W1dx by Wake(TM) offer trailerable, all-season, personal watercraft covers that will protect your investment season after season. The snug fitting system combined with the ultra rugged Durapel(TM) polyester canvas gives your personal watercraft lasting protection from water, sun damage and dirt. All covers are water repellent, breathable and contain mildew and UV inhibitors for a long, maintenance-free life.


The ultra-durable Trident™ Series boat cover is designed to protect T-Top boats against dust, debris, and damage caused by harsh UV rays.  Innovative weather-resistant 8 oz. marine grade polyester fabric pairs with expert tailoring to promote a snug, universal fit on all t-top boats.  Trident(TM) boat covers promote easy-to-use protection, prolonging the life of any t-top boat.  All Trident boat covers include a 5-year warranty.

Our Mooring Boat Covers Include:


Offshore by Wake are made to cover boats while they are tied up and not being trailered.  Offshore delivers all-purpose, easy slip-on storage covers that will protect any boat from the harshest of elements.  Offshore provides a snug fit with its 300D Durapel polyester canvas that will protect boats from water, UV rays, dirt, and dust.  All covers are completely water repellent, breathable, and contain mildew and UV inhibitors for ultimate protection.
Offshore covers are designed to protect your boat while it is moored or in storage, and are not recommended for trailering.

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