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National Boat Covers

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Here at National Boat Covers, we want to make the experience of choosing a boat cover simple and enjoyable.  We offer a wide variety of styles and colors, giving you plenty of high-quality boat covers to choose from.

National Boat Covers offers boat covers in every price range.  Our higher end boat covers promote ultimate durability, using premium material.  These higher end covers also come with excellent manufacturer warranties that will ensure that your boat will be protected for years to come.

National Boat Covers also offers mid and low-priced boat covers.  While these covers are not considered premium, they are still high-quality and long-lasting.  All of our boat covers in every price range come with manufacturer's warranties.

Each and every boat cover that National Boat Covers offers has been hand selected and tested by our team of experts.

Types of Boat Covers

Semi-Custom Boat Covers
Semi-custom boat covers are the economical alternative to the custom fit boat covers. Semi-custom boat covers are designed to fit a specific style of boat. Each style category for semi-custom boat covers features several different length and width dimensions to promote a custom-like fit without the large price tag. These covers will look and feel like they are made just for your boat.

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Universal Boat Covers
Universal boat covers are the most affordable type of boat covers on the market. Universal covers are designed to fit a range of sizes in multiple styles of boats. These covers will not deliver a custom-like fit, but will still deliver excellent protection for your boat. All of the universal boat covers that we offer here at National Boat Covers are fully-trailerable.

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Mooring Boat Covers
Mooring boat covers are designed to protect a boat while it is tied up. Whether the boat is in the water or in your driveway, a mooring cover will keep your boat safe. Mooring covers are usually universal in fit. Mooring boat covers are not trailerable and any trailering attempts while using a mooring cover are not recommended.

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Center Console Covers
Center console covers are designed to slip over your center console to protect it. These covers are great for protecting any electronic equipment and controls that are located on the center console from water, sun damage, dirt, and theft. These covers usually offer a universal fit for different size ranges.

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Motor Covers
Motor covers are designed to offer protection for your outboard motor. These covers are trailerable and made to protect your motor while the boat is not in use. Most motor covers are universal fit, but offer different sizing options that will deliver a custom-like fit for your outboard motor.

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