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Family owned and operated, Xpress Boats has been building quality aluminum boats in Arkansas since 1966. Starting out in a little schoolhouse in Friendship, Arkansas, Xpress Boats built the first all welded all aluminum boat. Xpress Boats discovered an untapped market in the boating industry and began to make a name for itself.


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    Popular Xpress Boat Models:


    1756 PFC1756X 22 F/XTF
    505 MHDX 22 REF
    H 52HDX 22 RESV
    H 56SVX 25 F/ XTF
    H 56 PFCVXX 25 RE/ REF
    H 62VXX 50/XP 50
    H 62 FSXX 51
    H 70XX-18 RE
    H50 DB/HJ 50 DBXX-22 RE
    H56 PFCXXP 50
    H62 FSXHD
    HX 60DVVX
    VX 18 SCDV1440
    VX 20 SCDVX1440
    X 17DVX1440/
    X 18YUKON1650
    X 18YUKON1650
    X 18 LEHD1650
    X 18 RESV1650
    X 18 RESVSV1650
    X 18 TSVX1756
    X 20 1756
    X 20 C/ RE/ XTF 1756
    X 20 F/ FF/ REF 1756

    Xpress Facts:

    Xpress is more than just a “pretty face”. It's what you don’t see on an Xpress boat that is the most impressive. Beyond the beautiful exterior lies a durable all welded all aluminum foundation.

    From the longitudinal rib system which creates an alliance of strength, to the welded in floor that provides a solid one piece unit, each Xpress is built tough and built to last. Also found on each Xpress is the latest in hull design. Whether it’s the Hydro-Dynamic (HD) Hull or the revolutionary Hyper-Lift® Hull, now you get better performance, better fuel economy and a sleeker style. Add to it a solid foundation, custom fit and finish, and well appointed features, you’ve got the quality Xpress is known for.

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